Brisbane City Council Presents

20 years

28-30 October

More than a street party


Artist Lineup

These Guy

These Guy is the musical project of Brisbane person Joe Saxby, a born entertainer with a heart of gold and a smile like a broken stick. His unearthly sound structures toe the distinctive line between electronic and acoustic, experimental and pop, noisy and hushed, violently unhinged and curiously subdued. It’s a messy job, but as they say, “someone gotta do it.”

Extra persons involved in the These Guy World include Josh Coxon on guitar, synth and occasional vocals, and Eddie L’Estrange on drums and occasional synth. Their addition to the formula in 2015 shifted the sound in the direction of a glitterier, more optimistic sphere, and the vibe subsequently became healthier.

These Guy eleased their LP Lunchbox in June 2016. Coupled with their frequenting of the Brisbane live circuit, it earned them a ready, steady cult following. And the people who aren’t in the know about it can be heard saying, “Who Are These Guy.”

No matter which words you want to use to polish all of this information, the main idea is that These Guy are just a trio of three agreeable yet crazed sonic explorers who only want to make you feel some groove, for now and for always. Respekt?